European Weighing Industry

Founded in 1958, CECIP has today 14 member associations: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Together these associations represent around 400 companies. 
CECIP Secretariat

The Secretariat of CECIP is located in Brussels. It is in charge of the daily management of the association. In addition, the Secretariat coordinates the work of the two working groups of CECIP organising and assisting their meetings, which generally take place in Brussels. 

CECIP membership 

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CECIP's members are European national associations of weighing instruments manufacturers. Only one association per country, representing the national manufacturers of weighing instruments, can be a member of CECIP. CECIP's members can also be individual companies having their headquarters in a European country without such a national professional organization.

CECIP membership is not only limited to EU Member States. European countries or companies outside of the EU can become member of CECIP as well.

A full membership within CECIP is foreseen for national associations and for single companies if in the country where they are located there is not any weighing association.


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