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Dear CECIP members,

Right now you are holding the first CECIP newsletter in your hands. It is our aim that many more will follow, depending on the amount of information available, three to four times a year.

This initiative is the result of the mandate, given by the General Assembly on the 3rd of May 2013 in Rotterdam (NL). During this GA, the Board started several actions for the improvement of our services to you. Living in a rapidly changing world does not permit us to wait and see. In fact the proposals were the results of investigations, done by a CECIP task force. In brief we suggested:

  1. To create a newsletter.
  2. To open the CECIP membership to individual companies out of countries without a national federation.
  3. To do more and more effective lobbying for you.
  4. To support our members better.
  5. A way to finance these extra activities.

CECIP does a lot for you, our members. Knowing what is done and why will help you during negotiations with your national authorities.

The news will be provided by our Secretary General, the Board, the Legal Metrology Group and the Business and Trade Group. You will find the highlights and the most important issues in the newsletters.

It is our intention that the flow of information reaches every single member of your federation. So please donít stop it. When a certain item is of interest, details are available via the member part of our CECIP website. Via the site you have access to all documents already. Availability for your members is on your discretion.

by Urs Widmer, Mettler Toledo, Switzerland and Vincent van der Wel, Penko Eng, Netherlands


CECIPís 64th General Assembly

by Vincent van der Wel, Penko Eng, Netherlands

The 64th General Assembly took place in Interlaken (CH) on the 9th of May 2014. It was well organized by Mr Paul Ryser on behalf of the Swiss Weighing Association ďAssociation Suisse pour les Instruments de PesageĒ (A.S.I.P.). A beautiful location was found, the St. Georges Hotel, with excellent meeting facilities.

As usual the delegates and observers were well informed by the guest speakers. Dr Christian Bock of METAS informed us about Switzerlandís Institute of Metrology and its international cooperation, Mr Richard Norden of the Scales Manufacturers Association (SMA) highlighted the activities of our colleague federation in the USA, Dr Roman Schwartz, Vice President of PTB and OIML, explained the progress of OIML in the field of legal metrology and Prof. Manfred Kochsiek, CIML Member of Honour, told how the OIML metrological system is rolled out in third world countries.

All national associations presented the statistics relating to their national economy and of their weighing industry. The Presidents of the LMG, BTG and the Board of CECIP reported the activities during the last 12 months.

During the ďmembers onlyĒ part of the General Assembly the heading for CECIPís future was decided. A new Board has been elected with a new President, Mr Urs Widmer from Switzerland. During the last year a task force developed a plan with the objective of serving and supporting the members better. Moreover the visibility of CECIP for its members has to be improved. The feeling is OIML and WELMEC know CECIP better than its member federations. The following new activities were agreed:

  1. A newsletter:
    • 2 or 3 times per year, max. 2 pages. Special editions in case of need.
    • English (master). Translations offered in Spanish, French and Italian.
  2. Website: Developing a new structure or concept when needed.
  3. Lobbying: Increasing effective lobbying.
  4. Market Surveillance support:
    • Promote Market Surveillance Guide.
    • Collect examples of non-conformity and forward it to Market Surveillance (MS) Authorities. Also market research via internet.
    • Give support to members and solve non-compliance issues.
    • Do lobbying on all levels of the EU bodies.
    • Cooperate with WELMEC and the EU Commission on MS issues and topics.
  5. Support to members: Support national metrology bodies by educating them on specific topics (via workshops, presentations, seminars) through National Weighing Associations.
  6. New members: Looking for new members.
  7. Opening borders: Collaboration with non-EU weighing associations and other EU measurement instruments associations.

This increased activity requires additional work for our Secretary General and more support from the Brussels office of VDMA. And time is money. These increased costs and the solution to meeting these increases was presented and agreed by the General Assembly as well. Some member federations voluntary are increasing their contribution, a few even more than double it.

After such decisions it makes sense to celebrate. Mr. Paul Ryser had organized an excellent folklore dinner, brightened by a folklore group out of the canton of Uri. It brought a lot of delegates on the dancing floor. And the day after that CECIP almost reached the top of the world, the Jungfrau Joch.


CECIP LMG activities

by Veronika Martens, Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

One of CECIPís main tasks is to deal with the metrology issues that are of core interest for weighing industry. The responsibility for these matters rests with the CECIP LMG (Legal Metrology Group). Legal metrology covers regulatory aspects such as laws, ordinances and respective standards and their interpretation. Private metrology deals with topics like the EURAMET cg/18, which is the European Guideline for Calibration of non-automatic Weighing Instruments. CECIP is even involved in the discussion of the new definition of the kilogram.

The LMG acts in or outside Europe and takes part in discussions, drafting or interpretation of regulatory documents. It also works closely together with intergovernmental treaty organizations like OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) that issues organizational documents and technical recommendations, which are the basis for worldwide national legislation. In Europe, the regional intergovernmental organization is WELMEC (European Cooperation in Legal Metrology) where CECIP takes part in several working groups dealing with weighing instruments and other items like software, pre-package control or quality assurance. The LMG also takes part in the working group on measuring instruments of the EC (European Commission) and also has a direct contact with the EC for discussions.

All national associations presented the statistics relating to their national economy and of their weighing industry. The Presidents of the LMG, BTG and the Board of CECIP reported the activities during the last 12 months.

For those topics which are not decided on a European level, the LMG tries to harmonize the views and arguments of our CECIP members to inform and support them at national level.


CECIP to strengthen its position as well recognized discussion partner for European Authorities

by Urs Widmer, Mettler Toledo, Switzerland

The Board of CECIP acknowledged by the end of 2012 that some weaknesses in communication, organization and resources made it difficult to strongly support the interests of its members in regulatory discussions with European Authorities. Therefore a taskforce of a few Board, BTG and LMG members developed a proposal to the CECIP Board with the target to increase CECIPís strengths. The Board of CECIP confirmed the outcome and it was also presented at the CECIP General Assembly 2013 in Rotterdam.

CECIPís mandates are manifold and basically focused on regulatory input to the European Commission, to WELMEC, to OIML, to requirements and regulations in Scientific Metrology and to Market Surveillance Authorities. In order to increase such contribution the taskforce proposed a few actions to start with. Such actions did include a new CECIP membership definition, a regularly published CECIP internal newsletter to closer inform and cooperate with its members and a strengthened financial situation to cover the additional costs associated with the new projects.

CECIP Membership
CECIP will open its membership to single companies (direct membership) in addition to the National Weighing Associations being CECIP members today. With that we expect a broader coverage of EU countries as well as additional resources to work within CECIPís working groups. However we are aware of the risk which such an opening may create for countries where we already have an active National Weighing Association. Therefore, we did define rules and conditions for such single membership depending on the country specific situation. All such applications have finally to be confirmed by the General Assembly.

CECIP is aware of the fact that National Weighing Associations are sometimes not sufficiently involved and informed about topics which are relevant for them and which are handled within the Board or the two Working Groups. Therefore, a Newsletter, which will be issued two or three times a year, should make sure that our members will be well informed and stay motivated to contribute. Information about regulatory issues, market surveillance, meetings being hold and news from other Weighing Associations shall demonstrate the benefit for the readers being a member of CECIP. Our plan is to offer the Newsletter in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Financial Situation
CECIPís financial situation is currently weak. Compared to other sector associations in Brussels CECIP has probably the most undercapitalized structure. On the other hand we recognize that the regular membership fee can only be increased by a smaller extent. Nevertheless the need for additional manpower to run additional projects is given. We speak here about funding for the Newsletter, for more professional lobbying, for better market surveillance support, for increased support to the Board, the Working Groups and to our members within the National Weighing Associations, about an updated Website and other measures which shall help CECIP to become more professional. Therefore it was agreed and also confirmed by the past General Assembly that a few bigger National Weighing Associations will pay a voluntary extra fee for the coming years which would help to almost double CECIPís yearly budget.

Other Projects
A few other projects were also discussed and outlined like more effective and more active lobbying with all EU bodies, like increased support to our members in case of infringements in the marketplace and like a closer cooperation with non-EU weighing associations.


CECIP Cooperation with International Industry Federations

by Veronika Martens, Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Metrology - especially Legal Metrology- is increasingly becoming an international issue with greater and greater influence on both national and European requirements. International trade and globalization require harmonization in regulations and rules on a wide international basis. CECIP has consequently started cooperation with other industry federations in the world. These Federations may be from the weighing industry outside Europe or other measuring instrumentsí federations in Europe. The aim is to inform each other, to harmonize views, represent each other on international committees like OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) and WELMEC (European Cooperation in Legal Metrology) or in discussions with the European Commission.

Official co-operation exists with:



  • 10-11/09/2014 WELMEC WG7, Istanbul (TR)
  • 15-19/09/2014 OIML TC6, Seoul (Korea)
  • 17-18/09/2014 WELMEC WG2, Prague (CZ)
  • 22/09/2014 CECIP Communication Group & BTG meetings, CECIP Brussels offices (BE)
  • 30/09-02/10/2014 WELMEC WG5, Brussels (BE)
  • 14/10/2014 CECIP LMG meeting, UCISP/Anima offices, Milan (IT)
  • 24/10/2014 CECIP Board meeting, Teleconference
  • 2-7/11/2014 CIML & OIML Seminar meeting, Auckland (NZ)
  • 3/12/2014 Taskforce & Communication meeting, CECIP Brussels offices (BE)
  • 9-10/12/2014 WELMEC WG8, Paris (FR)


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