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GA 2015: Barcelona

Dear Members of CECIP,

I am happy and proud to report to you on the past CECIP General Assembly which took place from 20th to 23rd May in Barcelona, Spain. This time, the four days included a seminar, the meetings of the Board, the BTG, the LMG and the Presidents, the General Assembly itself and finally the excursion.

On Wednesday 20th May we ran a seminar with almost 60 participants. Topics of the seminar had been “CECIP LMG Activities”, “Legal Metrology Software – Trends and Approaches”, “The new EN45501 and NAWI Directives” and “OIML Mutual Acceptance agreement”. The seminar was perfectly organized (with simultaneous translation!) and was well received by the participants.

Thursday 21st May was the day with the many regular meetings of the Board, the LMG and also the BTG. Finally during the Presidents meeting we had the opportunity to provide some more detailed information to the Presidents of the National Weighing Associations and could also have an open ear for topics brought up by the Presidents.

On Friday 22nd May we had the regular General Assembly of CECIP. The day started with a surprise. We got the visit of Mr. Felip Puig, the “Conseller d’Industria”, the Catalonian Ministry of Industry. He welcomed us to Barcelona and gave us a short overview about the economic situation in Spain.

After that we had a few honorable speakers such as Mrs. Immaculada Riera i Reñé, member of the Spanish Parliament. She talked about “Catalonia and Spain for a new Industry”. Next was Mr. Arjan van Breukelen, Managing Director of NMI-CERTIN. His topic was “Smart Play: Partnering with your Notified Body in entering new geographic markets”. He was followed by Mr. Emilio Prieto, Head of length area at the Spanish Metrological Center (CEM). He talked in full length about the “Coming new SI”. After that, Mr. Stephen Patoray, BIML Director talked about “The OIML: 60 years and still improving”. He also asked for support for his re-election. Finally, last but not least, we could listen to Mr. Paul Dixon, the new WELMEC WG2 Convener. His speech addressed “The new WELMEC strategy and an update on the proposed new WG2 Guide structure”. I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank all speakers for their interesting contribution to lively discussions during the breaks.

Next agenda item were the reports of the National Weighing Associations. During this part of the General Assembly we got a feeling about the sometimes difficult economic situation in each country and the impact on the Weighing Industry.

After the reports of the Board, the LMG and the BTG, finally we had the internal part of the General Assembly. We got the approvals of the accounts 2014 as well as of the budget 2015. Karlheinz Banholzer was elected as the new President of the LMG following Veronika Martens.

Parallel to the official General Assembly the “Partners Program” offered our partners a one day insight into the beauties of Barcelona.

The evening was closed with the Gala dinner, always a great opportunity to sit together with our friends, colleagues and partners, celebrating the CECIP GA as a family.

Finally, on Saturday, we were brought by bus to Tossa de Mar, a very nice village about 100 km north-east of Barcelona at the Costa Brava. During a guided tour the village looked like an open-air museum with prehistoric remains. The up-hill walk to the castle was very much worthwhile to do. And finally we had the lunch at a typical Mediterranean restaurant where we could taste a variety of Mediterranean food.

I would summary as follows: Definitively if you could not make the trip to Barcelona, you missed a lot. The days were very busy but also a great opportunity to meet all the family members again.

Let me take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks to AECIP, the Spanish Weighing Association, to Mr. Josep Maria Catalán, the President of AECIP, to Lydia Sebastián and all others involved in a prefect organization of the event. We will come back again to Barcelona!

The only thing I have to add now: Let’s see us next year in Vienna!

Urs Widmer
President of CECIP


Seminar at the GA in Barcelona

By Roland Nater, Mettler-Toledo, Switzerland and Bárbara Morales, CECIP General Secretary.

AECIP, the Spanish Weighing Association, organized in Barcelona a seminar on Legal Metrology topics. The seminar was held few days before the CECIP General Assembly 2015 in Barcelona. In total, 35 persons from Spain, Germany, Switzerland and UK attended the seminar. Among the attendants, were experts on Legal Metrology, but we also welcomed some personalities from the Catalonian Government and Administration, together with some experts from the Spanish Metrological Center such as Mrs. Imma Riera, Member of Spanish Parliament; Mr. Felip Puig i Godes, Regional Minister of Enterprise and Employment; Mr. Carles Sans, Head of the Motor Vehicles, Metrology and Products Service; Mr. Isidre Massalles, from the Regional Enterprise and Employment Department; Mr. Antonio Alcaide, Head of the Metrology Department; and Mr. Fernando Ferrer and Mr. Emilio Prieto, from the Spanish Metrological Centre.

The speakers, who were CECIP LMG members, and the topics presented were the followings:
  • Mrs. Veronika Martens, from Germany, who informed about the activities of the Legal Metrology Group within CECIP.
  • Mr. Daniel Meier, from Switzerland, who focused his presentation on the requirements for legal metrological software.
  • Mr. Ian Turner, from UK, who provide an impact assessment of the new EN45501 and on the new NAWI Directive.
  • Mr. Kalrheinz Banholzer, from Germany, who explained the OIML Mutual Acceptance Arrangement System (MAA).
Interesting and in-depth discussions followed the above-mentioned presentations.

Professional and simultaneous translations’ services were provided, which was of big importance for a better understanding of the topics presented and more fruitful discussions.

The outcome of the seminar was positive since it met the expectations of all attendants.

Thanks to the excellent organization, the simultaneous translation services, the professional speakers and a great audience, it was a very successful event.

Any National Weighing Association can contact CECIP Secretariat in case they would like to provide a seminar to its members.


Veronika Martens, President of the Legal Metrology Working Group of CECIP, leaving CECIP

by Urs Widmer, President of CECIP

After about 22 years with CECIP, Veronika had been elected 7 years ago at the GA 2008 in Fayence, France. Since then Veronika was the face of this very important working group, a face which was recognized by the many discussion partners around the world, such as OIML, the EU Commission and WELMEC.

It is important to recognise Veronikas’ position as a woman in this male dominated field. Everybody is talking these days about a women's quota. But Veronika did finally not need it. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge, highly developed analytical skills, her determination and her persistence she quickly managed in her own way to assert herself.

With a University degree in Physics and being an employee for more than 40 years within Sartorius, leading among other assignments since 1993 the Sartorius Metrology Center, Veronika had been greatly qualified running the Legal Metrology Group as a President. This was also recognized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy which appointed Veronika 2007 as a member of the Board of Trustees, a scientific advisory Board of PTB, the German National Metrology Institute.

With great personal commitment Veronika has represented for many years tirelessly the interests of the European Weighing Industry at national, European and international levels in numerous committees.

For her outstanding achievements she has been awarded last year with an OIML medal. With this highly ranked award the OIML honors personalities who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of legal metrology.

Georg Berntsen – former Managing Director of the Weighing Technology Association of VDMA - has even awarded in a greeting to Veronika the venerable title "Madonna of Weighing Technology". I can agree with it and realize that Veronika Martens has given not only to the European Weighing Industry, but literally worldwide, in many different aspects and in her own way a sustainably face and voice.

Veronika, you have rendered outstanding services to the European weighing industry! Thank you very much!


Karlheinz Banholzer elected new president of the CECIP Legal Metrology Group

by Urs Widmer, President of CECIP

I am proud to announce that, at its most recent General Assembly, the European Committee of Weighing Instrument Manufacturers (CECIP) elected Karlheinz Banholzer as the new president of the Legal Metrology Group (LMG). Karlheinz, who works at Sartorius, is thus succeeding metrology specialist Veronika Martens, who has been LMG President since 2008 and is now leaving CECIP as she has reached retirement age.

The Legal Metrology Group headed now by Karlheinz is composed of specialists from all over Europe and deals with the legal requirements and regulations of European metrology, among other topics. These requirements are important to suppliers in order to obtain market approval of their weighing instruments. In addition, LMG supports international metrology institutes, such as the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) and the European Cooperation in Legal Metrology (WELMEC) in drafting general weighing technology standards.

Karlheinz, who has a University degree in precision engineering, has been a member of the LMG since 2012 and has been working for Sartorius since 2005. Already in September 2013, he took over the helm of the Metrology Center of Sartorius AG from Veronika Martens. “I look forward to working together constructively with the Legal Metrology Group and to exciting challenges, such as establishing new software solutions for verified equipment based on the industry standard 4.0,” said Karlheinz.

Please join me in welcoming Karlheinz and wishing him great success with his Legal Metrology team.

Statistics 2014
Weighing industry in the CECIP member countries in 2014

By Bárbara Morales, CECIP Secretary General

The CECIP member associations provided an economic report but not all of them were able to report on the production, export and import figures. Most of the members reported an increase of economic output in 2014. It must be highlighted that the majority of the members had an increase of the exports in 2014. Production:

  • CZ, DE, IT and UK had an increase of production in 2014, being UK the one which had a higher increase.
  • ES, PL and RU had a decrease of production in 2014, being ES the one which had a stronger decrease.
  • The exports of France remain the same as in 2013.
  • CH, CZ, DE, IT, RU and UK increased the export in 2014, being UK the one which had a higher increase.
  • ES strongly decreased the export in 2014.
  • The exports of FR and PL remain the same as in 2013.
  • CH, CZ, DE, FR, IT and UK increased the import in 2014, being CZ the one which had a higher increase.
  • ES and RU strongly decreased the import in 2014.
  • The exports of PL remain the same as in 2013.
Below the table summarizing all the figures:
Country1 Production
(Mio. Euro)
(Mio. Euro)
(Mio. Euro)
Switzerland NA NA 158.00 2.6% 88 4.8%
Czech Republic 17.67 9.7% 12.90 5.2% 22.80 25.4%
Spain2 155.00 -27.3% 26.90 -37.5% 24.71 -59.5%
France 152.00 0.0% 5340 0.0% 137.35 0.4%
Germany 955.00 6.3% 621.50 3.9% 226.20 4.7%
Italy 176.80 -0.6% 20.03 14.4% 75.57 3.7%
Poland 18.60 -19.5% 4.00 0.0% 3.90 0.0%
Russia 101.10 -10.8% 15.20 3.4% 30.50 -20.4%
UK (in Mio £) 105.80
14.6% 167.70 28.9% 164.20 20.7%

(1) The figures from Austria, Hungary, the Netherland, Romania and Slovak Republic are not available.
(2) The change 2013/2014 of Spain has been calculated according to the data provided in 2013 and 2014. However, it must be taken into consideration that from 2014 the Spanish market has four important distributors less. As a consequence, it was necessary to recalculate the volume of the aggregate sales.



NoBoMet (Notified Body Metrology)

by Ian Turner (UK Weighing Federation, UK)

NoBoMet is a European platform of Notified Bodies working in legal metrology. These bodies can be both governmental agencies, and private commercial organisations. The range of activities can cover all of the modules allowed in the European Directives and vary from single verification (Module F) to Type Approval (Module B) and Quality System Approval. (Module D).

Notified bodies involved in the conformity assessment of measuring instruments established this platform to enable improved interagency communication. It also aims to improve the circumstances and conditions under which the Notified Bodies operate and to make this transparent for the manufacturers of measuring instruments for which conformity assessment is regulated.

There is a well-established framework of cooperation between government authorities, national accreditation bodies, OIML and WELMEC with mutual cooperation agreements in place. These frameworks tend to remain under governmental control and are invariably nationally orientated. The reality of today’s market place is the need for a prompt communication between notified bodies performing conformity assessment of measuring instruments.

This platform establishes a common communication channel to achieve this and allows input from members that are encountered in practice. This platform strives for international acknowledgement and recognition by governing organizations, public officials and public authorities.

CECIP have been an active member of NoBoMet for a number of years and it is one of the many European Bodies that we must support if we are to continue looking after the interests of the European weighing industry. More information on NoBoMet can be found at:




  • 10/06/2015 WELMEC WG2, Guide 2.2 meeting, Delft (NL)
  • 22-25/05/2015 CECIP-JMIF (Japanese Weighing Association) meeting, Tokyo (JPN)
  • 20/08/2015 CECIP Board meeting, Teleconference
  • 24/09/2015 CECIP LMG meeting, London (UK)
  • 29/09/2015 CECIP-CWIA (Chinese Weighing Instruments Association) meeting, Frankfurt (DE)
  • 08/10/2015 CECIP Board meeting, Teleconference
  • 7-9/10/2015 WELMEC WG2, Bratislava (SK)
  • 13-14/10/2015 WELMEC WG8, Berlin (DE)
  • 19/10/2015 CIML Seminar, Arcachon (FR)
  • 20-22/10/2015 CIML meeting, Arcachon (FR)
  • 28/10/2015 Blue Guide meeting, Brussels (BE)
  • 28-29/10/2015 WELMEC WG7, Vienna (AT)
  • 30/10/2015 CECIP BTG meeting, Brussels (BE)
  • 8/12/2015 wgMI meeting, Brussels (BE)


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