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Meeting with Commission 30/11/2015

The LMG presidents group, has recently met once more with the European Commission on the 30th of November. Leading discussion partner was again Mr. Hanekuyk on the Commission side, who was supported by Mr. Gorka, the head of Unit C/4 dealing with the enforcement of the internal market, as well as his deputy and an assistant.

The agenda was topped by the subject of software, and CECIPs position regarding guide 7.2. Furthermore, CECIP pointed out that cloud computing will pose a big problem in the future, and that the Commission should keep it in mind for future reference. CECIP will clarify these statements in a letter to the Commission.

Another issue on the agenda was once again the transition on the 20th of April. CECIP first asked what the Commission considers doing about the already pending danger that ongoing certification procedures may not be finalized in time. Unfortunately, the Commission made it clear that any process not finalized by the 20th of April shall not be finalized after the due date. In such a case, Mr. Hanekuyk recommended legal recourse to recover individual losses.

Thirdly, CECIP raised awareness about the unclear situation that will be faced during maintenance of instruments after the 20th of April. In this case, the Commission has assured us that it will always be possible to make minor changes and still be certifiable under EN45501:92. However, one must always be careful about the amount of repair and change done, since otherwise it may be considered a new device, which would make the new EN 45501:2015 applicable.

Finally, CECIP raised awareness about the problem of the great discrepancy between inspections and other requirements throughout Europe when it comes to prepackages. The Commission has agreed with us, and will be looking into more harmonized market surveillance procedures in this field, even though the main focus here will lie on the end product itself, and less on the weighing instrument requirements.

Friedrich Trosse
Secretary General of CECIP


ICG Group

On 08/10/2015, the group has been provisionally established by unanimous vote of the CECIP Board. Previously this had existed within the LMG, but was outsourced to lighten the LMG workload and improve international cooperation. The Board also decided to select Roland Nater as president of this new CECIP body if it is formally accepted by the General Assembly. This makes him the third president of a permanent working group next to the LMG and the BTG. The other members of the group are:
  • Karlheinz Banholzer; Sartorius
  • Markus Heseding; VDMA (DE);
  • Hans-Günter Heil; VDMA (DE);
  • Ian Turner; UKWF (UK);
  • Friedrich Trosse; CECIP;

The first meeting of the group was held in Frankfurt to discuss the Guidelines for Cooperation. They can be viewed under ICG 15 XXX. These guidelines have been then approved by the board, establishing the group, and contain the basic rules how a cooperation can be established, what its purpose must be, and what information is shared during the cooperation period.

Additionally, in case of cooperation, a letter of intent has been drafted, which can be retrieved under ICG 15 XXX . There, it states the priorities of information and clarifies what information will and will not be exchanged. The letter of intent will be agreed upon and finally signed d by CECIP and the partner organization.

The focus of the exchange will mostly lie on cooperation in the field of legal metrology, which will give CECIP and its partners a stronger voice at OIML meetings.

Furthermore, the purpose of the ICG is to improve and coordinate the cooperation with our partner organizations, be it on an international level such as with CWIA, JMIF or SMA, or on a European level such as the cooperation with FARECOGAZ and CECOD.

The group will however be merely an advisory and coordinating body. All decisions on cooperation with groups, as well as the depth of cooperation, still lies with the board. Therefore, even though the power is limited, the ICG will be able to have more instant and direct communication with our partners, thus guaranteeing better results from the cooperation and strengthening the cooperative network of CECIP.


Event: UNIFE – Boosting competitiveness of European Rail Industry. 13/10/2015

Good news for the producers of Railway weighing equipment. At an event of link; the Association of the European Rail Industry, Commission representatives announced that there will be a strong increase in support for the European Rail Industry. And according to UNIFE, there is also a lot of growth in this sector worldwide, and more to come.

The meeting was opened by Lutz Bertling, Chairman of UNIFE. In his speech he first pointed out the industries´ growth that could be seen throughout the world, with an average of 2,7% industry growth in recent years. Especially Latin America has seen a great rise in investment in the rail industry, with a recent average rise of 6%, followed by Asia with 4%.

UNIFE sees this critical however, since at least Chinese and Japanese authorities are very protectionist when it comes to their rail industry. Mr. Bertling therefore pointed out frequently that he expects the Commission to equal access to public procurement in mind when negotiating free trade agreements with the US; but also with Asian countries. Mostly the Chinese market is of interest here, since China builds roughly 100 km of new high speed tracks per weeks.

Mostly in China access to public procurement is almost impossible, also because the European companies find it harder and harder to compete with China Rail, which since its inception in 2013 is the by far the greatest player in the rail industry. The company is also backed heavily by the state. Indeed their chief lobbyist is the Chinese Prime Minister himself.

The next speaker was Martina Werner, member of the European Parliament for the German Social Democrats from Kassel. Her home region is traditionally one of the main areas for the rail industry, and today it is home to assembly plants of Siemens, Alstom as well as Bombardier.

She focused on two points regarding the rail industry:

First of all, she pointed out the environmental advantages of using rail services for personal as well as industrial transport.

However, she also acknowledged the high investment costs needed for upkeep and expansion of the rail network. She therefore encouraged to cooperate on all political levels to raise funds from EU and national funds to raise the amount of transport switched to rail. It is unfortunate for us to hear however that the package she encourages shall be aimed directly at the train manufacturers first, and infrastructure second. It shall mainly be used to research to reduce life cycle costs of rail products in order to equalize the disadvantage of high labour cost of the European industry. However, it may still indirectly lead to an increase in demands in Railway weighing equipment, since the cheaper rail transport is, the more likely it is to be used. Indeed the Commission has already promised that more money will be allocated to the railway support budget, and this may even be more after the traffic evaluation in spring 2016, when the Commission will have a closer look at the car industry, which due to recent scandals has lost quite a bit of its leverage compared to the railing sector.

In conclusion, the mood of the rail industry representatives was calmly optimistic, so at least some growth can be expected.

For more information, you can find a UNIFE press release under this link.

JMIF Meeting

On the 23rd and 24th of June 2015, CECIP met about 45 delegates of the Japanese Measuring Instrument Federation (JMIF).

The CECIP delegation was comprised of ICG President Roland Nater, Markus Heseding and Hans-Günther Heil, as well as LMG President Karlheinz Banholzer.

Not only were there officials from the associations, but also several manufacturers of scales and load cells, as well as representatives of the Japanese Institute for Legal Metrology (NMIJ), the Japanese Economic Ministry (METI) as well as the Japanese Association for Quality Control (JQA).

The main focus of the meeting was to reinforce the ties between the two associations, and the cooperation at OIML meetings, as well as coordination on legal metrology topics specific to Europe and Japan.

After a very fruitful discussion, CECIP has invited JMIF to send a delegation to next year’s General Assembly in Vienna to get better acquainted with CECIP as a whole and to further deepen our cooperation.


CWIA Meeting 29/09/2015

by Friedrich Trosse, CECIP General Secretary

On 29th of September, CECIP met with a delegation of the Chinese Weighing Industry Association (CWIA) in the VDMA headquarters in Frankfurt. The CECIP delegation was comprised of the members of the newly created International Cooperation Group. The CWIA delegation was comprised of Liu Xiaohua, president of CWIA, Gavin Sheng, Manager of the Exhibition Department at CWIA, as well as Liu XInmin, Executive Deputy Chairman of the China Metrology Association.

The principal topics addressed at the meeting were the representation of the weighing industries' interests within OIML as well as the alignment of joined activities at the leading Chinese Trade Fair, Interweighing. Furthermore the participants agreed to exchange information about the present legislation in China and Europe.

CWIA was founded ca. 1983, since then there has been a slow but steady divorce from the ministry responsible towards a more independent and business-oriented association. According to Mr. Liu, his process shall be finished by 2018.

The association has about 500 members, which represent approximately 50% of the entire Chinese weighing Industry. It is comprised of mostly equipment manufacturers, even though some traders can be found among the members as well. CWIA estimates the export rate of the Chinese Weighing Industry to be about ca. 1.2 billion US$.

The metrology law of 1985 is currently under revision and major changes are likely. However, there is no official written version yet, but CWIA will inform CECIP about future developments.

Finally, CECIP invited CWIA to the General Assembly in Vienna in 2016, and CWIA invited to join for their major event in 2016, the "Interweighing" trade fair.


UVV The Union of scale manufacturers of the Czech Republic

By Daniel Štastnı UVV president, CECIP vice - president

UVV is a professional association of legal entities dealing with production, sales and service of scales and balances. The Association has 17 members and represents the majority of the weighing industry in the Czech Republic. UVV was established by the foundation agreement on November 30th, 1994, and became a member of CECIP on 17th of May during the 46th general assembly of CECIP.

The main goal of the association is to bring key players on the weighing market and governmental institutions and professional organizations together. We want to provide a platform to all members and professionals to share information about weighing and mass determination. Our key task is also to support our members with professional information in their daily businesses.

UVV has the following structure: The General assembly (GA), which is held every year, is the highest decision and policy making body. Key decisions are made by a vote among members once a year during the GA. The association's management is done by the board consisting of the president, three vice presidents and the general secretary during the year. All board members are elected by the General assembly.

The Association cooperates closely with the Czech metrology institute (www.cmi.cz) and also with the Czech office for standards, metrology and testing (www.unmz.cz). UVV comments on new standards, laws and regulations regarding practical implementation. We are currently active in discussions about the implementation requirements for electronic Point of Sale devices connected to non-automatic weighing instruments. Here, we try to find a reasonable way how to implement WELMEC guide 2.3 on the Czech market together with CMI. Our main focus is to monitor implementation of new or revised European Directives to Czech laws. Our actual topic we work on now is the implementation of the New Legal Framework.

UVV-CR is also active in the field of education. We provide our members with up to date information about metrological topics. We regularly organize lectures and meetings about different areas of interests, to which we invite experts from different areas of metrology and industry. On top of this we organize trainings regarding specific topics, like calibration of NAWI, legal verification, implementation of European Directives, etc. We closely cooperate with other local professional organizations like the Czech calibration association (Member of Eurocal) or the Czech metrology society. Results of such cooperation are for example publications like Practical guide for usage of NAWI for sales to public, Calibration guides for AWI and NAWI, etc.

UVV-CR is an active member of CECIP on the international field. Our representatives regularly participate in CECIP activities. Our Association is also in close cooperation with the Slovak association of scales manufacturers with we regularly share information about legislation and professional activities. We are participating in meetings and GAs of both organizations.

UVV is always open to support all professional weighing companies coming to the Czech market with local specific information regarding weighing and metrology. We are open for any reasonable cooperation in the field of mass or weighing. You are welcome to visit us on the Internet: www.uvvcr.cz or personally in our facilities.


Succession for Barbara Morales Pascual as General Secretary of CECIP

by Urs Widmer, President of CECIP

Dear CECIP Members

Our General Secretary, Barbara Morales Pascual recently gave birth and is now taking her maternity leave.

Therefore making sure we can keep up the “basic functionality” (such as supporting the Working Groups, keep up information flow, all organizational matters, Newsletter, General Assembly a.s.o.). and in close coordination with VDMA Brussels – we were looking for interim solutions. Fortunately we could find a good solution in the Person of Friedrich Trosse.

Friedrich has a Master of EU Law from Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands. He is very well qualified given his excellent business skills as well as with the internship at VDMA in Brussels during the first half of 2015. He is fluent in German, English, Dutch and Italian. Friedrich is motivated to stay with CECIP at least until we know more about the future plans of Barbara.

Friedrich and Barbara spent the past two months to transfer Barbara’s knowledge and experience with her role as General Secretary. Please join us in wishing on one hand Barbara and her family all the best but as well Friedrich great success in his new role.



  • 08/12/2015 wgMI Meeting, Brussels (Belgium)
  • 14/01/2016 ICG Meeting, Frankfurt (Germany)
  • 15/01/2016 BTG/Board Meeting Brussels (Belgium)
  • 17/02/2016 LMG Meeting Leusden (Netherlands)


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