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Together with 124 other European manufacturing associations CECIP signed the joint-position paper calling for an ambitious EU Industrial strategy. This position paper is a reaction on the much-welcomed Communication of the European Commission on a renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy. The combined manufacturing industry recalls that industry is the backbone of a sustainable economy providing smart and innovative growth in Europe. A coherent strategy is necessary to foster the competitiveness of the European industry.

Moreover, several key objectives for a future EU industrial strategy were identified. These are:

  • Internal market: The EU Single Market is one of EU´s greatest achievements and should be strengthened where possible.
  • Research and innovation: The European Union should continue with stimulating research and innovation by providing research funding and through better regulation.
  • Skills and training: It is important that the European workforce will have the skills that are needed for the future.
  • Access to finance: The Communication rightly puts a strong emphasis on the importance to ensure the availability of capital to drive industrial transformation.
  • Trade and international market access: Fair trade and access to third markets are vital for the European´s industry. The EU should continue to push for fair trade with other markets and improve market access via trade agreements.

The full position paper can be found here.