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CECIP General Assembly 2022 confirmed for 22-24 June in London

CECIP wants to invite all its members to the 72nd CECIP General Assembly. The GA will take place from 22 to 24 June where we’ll be hosted by the UKWF in the Tower Hotel in the centre of London. After the physical general assembly was postponed twice, we are glad to confirm the General Assembly 2022 will take place as physical meeting.

The GA starts with the BTG and Board meeting on Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday there will be the LMG meeting in the morning and LMG seminar in the afternoon. For the welcome reception on Thursday evening there will be a cruise on the Thames. On Friday we start with the Presidents’ meeting and closed part of the GA in the morning and the open part in the afternoon. There will also be a partner’s programme. In the evening there will be a gala dinner in Cutler’s hall. More details on the programme of the LMG seminar and open part of the GA will follow. The full programme can be found here.

Registration is possible until 8 June via this website.

Unfortunately, the last two years showed us that there is no absolute certainty with respect to the covid situation. So, we’ll continue to follow the situation closely and keep you informed in case something changes.


Updates from Europe webinar on WELMEC

On 30 March the second edition of the CECIP Updates from Europe webinar took place. This time the focus was on the European metrology organisation WELMEC. During the webinar over 70 CECIP members listened to presentations from WELMEC vice-chair Marc Wouters to introduce WELMEC, WG2 convenor Ivan Kriz on the work done in WELMEC WG2 and from Roy Scholten on the WELMEC guide 8.8 regarding the modular approach. The response from the participants was positive and a next part of the Updates from Europe webinar on WELMEC will be most likely be organised on 4 May. During this part the focus will be on the WELMEC WG7 guides on software and WELMEC WG6 guides on prepackages. The registrations for this second part will open soon and can be found on the CECIP website.

Interested CECIP members can request the presentations of the webinar by sending an email to info@cecip.eu


CECIP contributes to EU consultation on New Legislative Framework

The European Union’s New Legislative Framework (NLF) from 2008 sets rules to improve the internal market for goods and strengthening market surveillance. It serves as the basis for the NAWI Directive 2014/31/EU and MI Directive 2014/32/EU. This NLF is currently being evaluated by the European Commission. Part of this procedure is the public consultation where CECIP provided input.

Overall, CECIP supports the NLF as it is now as it does strengthen the European’s Single Market. It is a good system that works. However, we also see some challenges and areas where the NLF could be improved. First of all, there are still many uncompliant scales sold on the European market. Changes that could improve market surveillance are most welcome. Secondly, the trust from market surveillance authorities in the type approval certificates and guidance documents should be improved. The EU’s safeguard procedure on displaying min, max and e shows that the current procedure can still cause problems for manufacturers even if all rules and guidance documents are followed. Improvements that can avoid these type of problems for manufacturers should also be included in any revision. Finally, CECIP suggests to include a new module H2 in the NLF toolbox. In such as module no specific design examination or product type approval would be needed if the manufacturer can proof to follow strict quality assurance procedures for design and production. This module would give more flexibility to manufacturers to develop and approve new products. This input to the consultation is submitted and CECIP will continue to follow the evaluation.