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The essential requirements of both the NAWI Directive (Directive 2014/31/EU) and the MI Directive (Directive 2014/32/EU) contain essential requirements that relate to software. These requirements are generic in nature and further detailed software requirements can be found in the relevant harmonised standards, normative documents and the WELEMC guides published by working group 7. These documents offer guidance and technical solutions to enable manufacturers to meet the essential requirements as respects software.

WELMEC WG7 is undertaking a review of the present guides, focusing on a recast of the Guide 7.2. This position paper outlines both the general and specific matters that CECIP would like to be considered when undertaking the recast. These are the following points:

  • Make guide less complicated and futureproof
  • Follow general principles to foster innovation, cooperation, reduce market distortions and facilitate procedural control
  • Make distinction in risk assessments between different instrument types

The full position paper with a more elaborate explanation can be found here.