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CECIP, the European association representing the weighing industry, received the call for proposals for regulatory cooperation between the EU and US from the European Commission. CECIP welcomes this opportunity to provide its input on the potential areas for cooperation and fully supports this initiative from the EU and US. There are various areas where cooperation would be beneficial.

A dialogue on standards

OIML standards are accepted by many countries all over the world. The acceptance of these OIML standards makes it easier for the European weighing industry to trade with third countries without making significant modifications to the weighing instruments or re-testing. The US has a different system in place where rules are based on the Handbook 44 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. CECIP would encourage the European Commission to discuss the acceptance of OIML standards´ requirements in the US.

Conformity Assessment

Currently, weighing instruments need to obtain an EU type-approval from a European notified body to place weighing instruments on the EU market. At the same time, for the US market a type-approval is necessary through the National Type Evaluation Program by the National Conference on Weights and Measures. This means manufacturers need to go to two different organisations to obtain the two type-approvals. CECIP believes this procedure could be simplified by allowing the mutual recognition of notified bodies as is in place in the CETA agreement. 

OIML Certification system

Since 1 January 2018 OIML has a certification system in place which certifies certain weighing instruments according to OIML Recommendations. The aim of the system is that OIML certificates are used to facilitate, accelerate and harmonize the work of national and regional bodies that are responsible for type evaluation and approval of measuring instruments subject to legal metrological control. CECIP is in favour of further development and acceptance of the certification system in both the EU and the US.


CECIP welcomes the initiative to work on regulatory cooperation between the EU and US. Reductions of barriers to trade are supported and CECIP is convinced that the best way forward is to align requirements, allow for mutual acceptance of conformity assessment bodies and the acceptance of OIML Recommendations and certificates from both sides.

You can find the full submission paper here.