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CECIP published its latest public newsletter. You can find the full newsletter here. This time it includes articles on:

  • CECIP General Assembly

The CECIP GA 2019 took place from 12 to 15 June in Bratislava. During these days there were various internal meetings, a seminar and conference and several social activities.

  • The new definition of the kilogram

Since 20 May the new definition of the kilogram is applicable. This means that the kilogram is based on a physical constant and not an artefact.

  • Regulatory cooperation between the EU and US

The EU is discussion potential regulatory cooperation between the EU and US. CECIP welcomes this initiative and provided input to the discussions.

  • Documents on weighing instruments in different sectors

Weighing instruments are used in a wide range of industries. To explain more about the different sectors where weighing instruments are used CECIP started a new serie of publications describing the role of weighing instruments in different sectors.

  • Technologies to identify overloaded vehicles

Based on EU legislation Member States need to choose a technology that helps them identifying overloaded vehicles. CECIP published a paper describing its view on the choice to be made.

Subscribing for the newsletter can be done via the the following website: https://cecip.eu/newsletter-subscription/