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For all commercial transactions, research of production processes where weighing is involved it is essential the weighing results can be trusted by the user. Quality weighing instruments that are reliable, accurate, durable and properly maintained can create this trust. This makes it possible for businesses to focus on their core activities without having to worry about the weighing results.

To raise awareness about the importance of quality weighing for businesses, CECIP, the European weighing industry, launches the new ‘Weighing you can trust’ campaign. This campaign focusses on the different quality aspects that are part of weighing and the value of using the right partner when buying and maintaining weighing instruments. It is the successor of the World with Weighing campaign that was running last year and concentrated on the role of weighing in all aspects of our lives and businesses.

The main message of the campaign for businesses is to look for the right partner that can provide you with compliant quality weighing instruments that meet your wishes regarding aspects such as reliability, accuracy, durability, speed, connectivity and documented compliance with quality control standards. At the same time a quality partner can provide the services a business needs when installing, maintaining, repairing, calibrating or reverifying weighing instruments. The right partner is the one that provides the quality weighing instrument and services that are needed by the company. CECIP membership is one factor in identifying the right partner. Companies that make a decision to join CECIP directly or indirectly show they are serious about weighing and, consequently, this is a sign of quality.

CECIP President Nick Parsons: ‘Weighing is a vital part of our daily lives and essential in many businesses. It ensures fair commercial transactions, improves quality assurance in production and enables researchers do to do high-end research. For all those activities quality partners in weighing can support businesses to provide the right weighing instruments for the situation and give the service needed. We hope this campaign makes the users more aware about the importance of organising the weighing activities in the company with the right quality partner.’

In the coming months a large number of messages will be spread on social media to explain the importance of quality weighing in different sectors. Furthermore, articles will be published on the campaign website (www.worldwithweighing.com) and the website of the national associations.

Read the full press release here.