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CECIP is part of the Industry4Europe coalition that already published the Joint Papers “For an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy: Going further” where a large number of industry associations asked for an EU Industrial Strategy. CECIP believes such a strategy is important to enhance the competitiveness of the EU industry including the weighing industry.

A new paper by the same Industry4Europe coalition has been prepared that aims at proposing a governance structure which enables the implementation of an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy, based on an informed dialogue between the industry, decision-makers at EU, national, regional and local levels and the Civil Society.

More specifically, a future Industrial Strategy governance structure should be based on the following two pillars:

1. Ensuring an informed and permanent dialogue between the industry and policy decision-makers in association with civil society stakeholders (trade unions, consumers organisations, NGOs, academia) and;

2. A structure of European Institutions which allows for an Industrial Strategy to be addressed and implemented at highest level.

With its Joint Paper “For an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy: Going further”, the Industry4Europe coalition has been calling for a long-term vision for Europe’s industry which demands a long-term governance structure going beyond the 6-month EU Presidency cycle and the 5-year mandate of the current European Commission. Such a governance structure should enable the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament, together with industry stakeholders, to develop a common vision for a smart, innovative and sustainable industry. 

The full position paper can be found here.